Team Jean

All stars were aligned for me from diagnosis (December 2015)  thru debulking surgery, 18 weeks of chemo and follow up surgery. Thanks to Dr. Mike Janicek, my husband Pete, my sister-in-law Kim, all my family , friends and co workers, I cleared the hurdles from Ovarian Cancer (stage IIIc) to currently being disease -free.

Being part of NOCC - Valley of the Sun chapter allows me to help educate others about symptoms of ovarian cancer and share with O.C. patients, the resources available to those recently diagnosed .

Please join me by donating, walking with me or both to bring us 1 step closer to finding a test for early diagnosis (not available at this time). This disease has up to a 70% recurrence rate. With funds raised thru this event , we can provide more resources  to continue the great improvements being made in less devastating treatment options especially for patients going thru recurrences.  

Thanks for being part of Team Jean

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