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Mary-Elizabeth Davis

Mary-Elizabeth Davis

I first heard about this group after my younger sister, Jennifer, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012. Here is her story:
Jennifer had been feeling bloated and her monthly periods were very heavy. But she figured it was because she just turned 40 and was overweight and not very active. But when she started to experience pain in her pelvis, she went to see her doctor.
Her doctor performed a vaginal ultrasound and determined Jennifer had a large cyst on her ovary. It was so large, it was pressing against her nerves on her left side, causing her pain. Her doctor immediately sent her to a gynecologic oncologist, who said the melon-sized cyst needed to be removed and that there was a very small chance it was cancerous.
Two weeks later, Jennifer underwent surgery, during which a biopsy was performed and cancer was present. Jennifer underwent a total hysterectomy during the surgery. (The only thing my sister ever beat me at was getting to menopause first!)
Thankfully, Jennifer’s cancer was caught early and had not spread to surrounding lymph nodes. She did not have to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, and our family was grateful for that.
In the coming years, Jennifer got involved with her local NOCC chapter in Pittsburgh, and participated in the Run/Walk to Break the Silence on Ovarian Cancer. She even channeled her love for Jon Bon Jovi into her efforts, naming her 2013 run/walk team “Team Runnin’ on a Prayer.”


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