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#BeAnOvaAchiver #DoNotIgnoreSymptoms

Debra Cohen

Debra Cohen

I am a 5+ year survivor. I

n the midst of a pandemic, a Presidential election and the loss of RBG, it is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month. I will be doing my annual 5K virtually this year. I will run (jog very slowly) in honor of many women, like Tara Landry, who live life to its fullest while navigating this disease, and in memory of the women I will always miss like Laurie Allen, Stacy Gold.

I know resources are stretched think this year and I greatly appreciate any donation you can make to support this cause.

Regardless, if you are here, you are my friend and I personally ask every woman who has not yet gotten her annual check-up you call and make it today. I ask every man to remind the women in his life of the same and, that it also Prostate Cancer Awareness month.



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