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Team Farm Girl

Team Farm Girl

My team name is actually in honor of my Mom. She grew up on a farm and whenever she faced something difficult in her life she always said, "I'm a tough farm girl". As I was facing this, my family constantly reminded me that I could handle this and would be fine because I was the daughter of a tough farm girl! I couldn't have done this without all of my family and dear friends who supported me on my journey! I love you all.

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Margie

Margie Farmer
  • TFTerry Farmer
  • SCSusan Cook
  • CCCharlie Cook
  • VHVictoria Harris
  • SCSophie Cook
  • CFChris Farmer
  • EFErika Farmer
  • AFAlex Farmer
  • AFAngela Farmer
  • AFAJ Farmer
  • MPMichele Palmer
  • TWTerri Ward
  • KIKelly Iles
  • BIBrysen Iles
  • KWKat Williams
  • MPMaureen Prapestis


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