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Team Jeanne

Team Jeanne

Team Jeanne

On October 5, 2005, my beautiful Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer; on June 18, 2012, she died from it. Jeanne McNeely was gorgeous, compassionate, courageous, and smart; she was my BFF, my co-conspirator, my counselor. And her presence in the world made it a safer, softer, kinder place for a lot of beings--human and nonhuman.

She battled this merciless disease like a warrior for nearly 7 years, and now I battle it in her name. Please consider making a small contribution to honor my Mom and all other ovarian cancer warriors and to help find a cure for this disease.

Diane Davis
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1. ?Anonymous
In loving memory of Jeanne McNeely
2. Brette Lea
For Jeanne. Miss you! For Diane. Love you!
3. BKBradley Kohanke
4. JMJohn McNeely
5. ALAmber Leger
You go girl! Love what you and Diane are doing and both of you more!!
6. BRBrooke Rollins
In honor of your wonderful, brilliant mom. XO