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Team Turnbull

Team Turnbull

Let’s walk TOGETHER IN TEAL to raise awareness, money and hope for Ovarian Cancer patients. Please donate and / or join Team Turnbull on September 22, 2018 as we walk for the cure.

As a cancer survivor fresh from the fight, this cause is very important to me. I was diagnosed in September of last year with Stage III C Ovarian cancer. Overnight and with no warning, I went from fit and feisty to flat with one life-changing diagnosis. I underwent extensive surgery, five months of chemotherapy and six months of trying to create the new normal.

While it was challenging to be the patient, it was painful to see the impact this diagnosis and treatment regimen had on my family. Together we went through the initial shock and grief then marched like soldiers through a jungle of scary medical procedures with dramatic side effects. Yep, I lost my hair, but I kept my sense of humor.

Our goal in participating in this event is to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer and help promote early detection. The fund raising part is to contribute to research, which is desperately needed to find a cure. OC is the fifth most common cause of death for women and it affects 200,000 women annually. While I have done the surgery and chemo, like all other survivors, I have an 80% chance of a recurrence.

September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month and our ribbon color is Teal. Team Turnbull invites you to join us in this local Austin run/walk or to learn more about the disease on this website.

As for donations, well….I haven’t asked for money since I was a kid angling for a bigger allowance, but Team Turnbull would really appreciate your helping us reach our fundraising goal so we can make a meaningful contribution to aid research for a cure. Your donations make a difference to all of my “teal sisters” and our families who are in the fight of our lives.

Thank you.

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My thoughts are with you as walk today. You are one amazingly strong woman.
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we love you and are cheering for you this weekend??