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Team Jeanne

Diane Davis

Diane Davis

On October 5, 2005, my beautiful Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer; on
June 18, 2012, she died from it. Jeanne McNeely was gorgeous, compassionate, courageous, and smart; she was my BFF, my co-conspirator, my counselor. And her presence in the world made it a safer, softer, kinder place for a lot of beings--human and nonhuman.

She battled this merciless disease like a warrior for nearly 7 years, and now I battle it in her name. Please consider making a small contribution to honor my Mom and other ovarian cancer warriors, and to help find a cure for this disease.



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In loving memory of Jeanne McNeely
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In memory of your beautiful Mom, Jeanne. Lots of love, Rebecca
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