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Nell Holmes Fan Club

Nell Holmes Fan Club

2011 our mom was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and had a stroke six months after that. At the time of the Multiple Myeloma diagnose they found a mass which turned out to be Stage IV ovarian cancer. My mom passed on Aug 22, 2013. We honor her memory every day with our actions and the love she showed us we show towards others. She always said she shall live and not die and we keep her memory alive every day. She lives in her kids, grandkids, family, and friends.


Seven years ago today we participated in our first NOCC Austin run/walk. Two days after mom passed. She is our one else should be taken by surprise by this damn disease.


Mom had a beautiful soprano voice. She sang at each of her kids wedding w/o a mic.


THANK YOU to everyone who has donated!


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