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My Dallas Fort Worth Fundraising Page

Caitlyn Marquez

Caitlyn Marquez

I was diagnosed with Juvenile Granulosa Cell tumor, Stage 4 when I was 12 years old. This is a rare cancer and has no post chemotherapy or radiation as it's found to be non-responsive to treatment. Due to my tumor being the size of a grapefruit, it completely enveloped my left ovary. The tumor was also pressing against my kidney and neighboring organs causing excruciating stomach pain. After being admitted to the hospital the tumor was removed along with my left ovary. The tumor was so large it had ruptured as the surgeon was removing it. The horrific characteristics about this type of cancer is that if it does return, it's aggressive and in most cases terminal. I have been cancer free for 12 years now, happily married and we have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter. My case was studied by pediatric research physicians due to the rarity of the outcome. I want to show the world I kicked cancer's ass at the small age of 12! Please help me support National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too.
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