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Welcome to Meri DeZemler's Page

Meri DeZemler

Meri DeZemler

One year cancer free! With that said, I plan on running the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's 5k in May.

A little over a year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage 1A Ovarian Cancer. After surgery, months of recovery and numerous tests, I am officially cancer free.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. There is no early detection for ovarian cancer so by the time it is diagnosed, most people have a hard battle to fight. I would appreciate any and all the support I can get for this worthy cause.


raised of $2,500 goal


Recent Donations

1. Kristen Amarosa
2. Kathryn Sharp
Love you! Run run run!
3. Ryan Chambers
Good work Cuz and way to be a soldier!!
4. Makenzie Camarda
Gooooooo Meri!!! Love you!!!
5. Mark Offenbach
6. Tierney Chadwick
Meri: Good luck with the run! Congratulations on the 1 year mark!