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Lauren Allen

Lauren Allen

Thank you for visiting. This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Best - Lauren

My story:
Last September I began exhibiting fairly common symptoms that I brushed off and waited to go away, but they didn't and so I went to my doctor to get checked out. It took a couple months of diagnostic testing (blood work, ultrasound, MRI) to conclude I has a mass in my right ovary that may or may not be cancer and should be removed along with my ovary just to be safe. Finally deciding it best to visit an oncologist for a 2nd opinion, she also agreed and my surgery was scheduled within a couple weeks. The tumor was malignant, but thankfully I was one of the extremely lucky ones and the tumor was stage 1A - it was slow growing, had been caught early and very treatable. Last week I finally received confirmation that all the lab results from my surgery were negative (the cancer had not spread) and no further treatment will be needed aside from routine checkups every few months for a while. Those were a few scary months and I can only imagine what many other women have gone through in fighting ovarian cancer. It's what they call a silent killer because there is no early detection and most of the symptoms could be brushed off. Always listen to your body and get checked out if you think something is wrong. I do this to raise awareness because it really is the more you know, and for all those women (and their loved ones) who haven't been as lucky.

Thank you to all that supported me then and now as I do what I can to support the NOCC in creating awareness and helping those affected by ovarian cancer! xo


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