So as some of you know, I joined the awful club of having ovarian cancer. In October it was decided I would have surgery for what was thought was fibroids and cancer was found. They thought at first it was endometrial cancer and not a big deal, but it was ovarian. Then they thought it was contained on first surgery and only tubes and uterus were impacted but I had what was supposed to be laproscopic surgery on Jan 14th that forever changed my life. When they went in they found the tumors everywhere. They guess that there was between 50-60, on my bladder, ovaries, liver, diaphragm, omentum, basically my entire pelvis and a lot of my abdomen was covered. Even now typing this it is emotionally overwhelming. It has been a long first part of the year, surgery recovery was hard and all of the things that come with it. I am determined to live long enough to see my kids and my grandkids have kids. Together we can beat this.