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Welcome to Emily Bishop's Page

Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop

Thank you for visiting my page. Raising money for Ovarian Cancer is extremely important to me. My mom was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2018 and like most people with this disease, she had no symptoms until it was Stage 4.

After her diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer, she immediately had surgery and chemotherapy over a period of 5 months. Every 3 weeks, for 6-8 hours she would get her treatment. The support and love her friends and family showed was truly something I have never seen. This gave my mom the strength to fight her hardest even on her toughest day.

A few months after she rang the bell marking the end of her treatment, her CA-125 cancer level marker increased. Immediately, we all thought the worst. Her doctors quickly sent her for a PET scan and thankfully were able to rule out that the cancer was back. Even during this short scary moment, my mom stayed positive and said she would beat it again.

After being in the clear a few months ago, her levels went up again. This time we found out that her cancer had come back. She started her chemo again and is fighting her way back to beating this horrible disease again.

We are hopeful that she will be well enough to walk to the finish line, but either way I know she will be there at the finish line.

I appreciate all the support I can get in raising money to continue fighting this disease! Together we can make a difference! Love Always - Emily



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