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Emily Bishop

Emily Bishop

Recently my Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. As there are no symptoms of this disease, she was on vacation when she started to feel ill. Being overseas and becoming gravely sick was extremely scary for her, our family and friends. Once my Mom was able to make the journey back to the States she underwent many tests that confirmed that she had Ovarian Cancer. Soon after, she had major surgery to remove the majority of the cancer. She will now undergo chemotherapy to remove the rest of the cancer. During her time recovering from surgery, her best friend also found out she had Ovarian Cancer. My Mom is a fighter and is so strong. I am confident she and her best friend will get through this. As you can see this cause is very dear to me, and I appreciate all the support I can get!

With my Pride Employee Resource Group from the Hertz Corporation, friends and family; we will be walking together to make a difference!

Sincerely- Emily


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1. DTDiane Tuft
2. DTDana Tonelli
Em, your mom is so so lucky to have a daughter like you!!! Both such strong, amazing ladies ??
3. JMJeanette McMullen
4. mrMatt Ruben
5. SWSarah Wilson
Good luck! You guys are amazing! Much love to your family.
6. JRJonathan Ruben
Great job setting this fund up Emily!

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