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Welcome to my fundraising page

Kirsten Landeryou

Kirsten Landeryou

Thank you for visiting. This year I hope hope to raise money in honor of my friend
Cynthia Priolet and my dear mother Barbara Gracki who courageously fought ovarian cancer for many years.
- Kirsten



raised of $500 goal


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1. CTChrissy Tobias
Go Bearcats!
2. KBKirsten For Cindi Blackmon
3. PHPatricia Heatherly
Good luck!
4. JWJohn Waldrop
5. PMPeggy Michmershuizen
6. MMMichelle Moyer
Thank you for doing this. I lost my mom to ovarian cancer 18 years ago. So hope that efforts like this can help advance the treatment.

Team Barb’s Bearcats