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For Our Amazing and Dedicated Coach Schaefer

Emi Schwab

Emi Schwab

The cross country and track teams of past and present wanted to come together in support of our coach, Robert Schaefer. His girlfriend, Nancy Ruben, was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in March 2018. Nancy has been fighting nonstop since her diagnosis, but unfortunately, she lost this fight on August 24th. Coach Schaefer is an incredible man who has dedicated his life to coaching. He cares deeply about each of the runners who have gone through his program, and he is a constant form of support to all of us. Every young woman who has gone through Coach Schafer's running program has left a stronger and more confident person. Therefore, we wanted to give back and donate to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Please help us honor Nancy Ruben, who was an amazing woman and incredible support system to our coach, Robert Schaefer, with your donation!


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