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Team Broadway- Fundraising in Memory of Tracy McDonell

Bailey Walker-Seiter

Bailey Walker-Seiter

In every corner of your soul,
in each and all of the hollows
of your being,
your mother breathes life into
She is the steps of your
and the air in your song,
she is the strength in the
absence of your own.
May she live always in the
harbor of your being,
from the folds of your mind
and slope of your smile to the
curves of your feet.
May you always feel her there.
~Savannah Walker, 2019

Tracy McDonell passed away early in the morning on April 6, 2019. She was a beloved mother, sister, and friend to many. Please consider joining me on May 11th for the 5k or contributing a small donation in her memory.

Thank you,



raised of $500 goal


Recent Donations

1. Walter Mcdonell
2. Tanya Walker
3. Seiter Family
We cannot be there to walk with you but we hope you feel our hope and strength.
4. Karen Rile
5. Hayden McDougald
6. Tracy McDonell
Thank you so much for doing this Bailey!! Love you!!

Team Broadway