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Many of you were kind enough to support my previous year's fundraising efforts in honor of my sister’s battle with Ovarian Cancer. My family and I again will be walking on June 16th in a 5K in Frederick to raise awareness and Break the Silence associated with Ovarian Cancer. I’m asking you to support us again this year; supporting the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) is even more meaningful to us this year.

This year’s event is even more poignant and important to me. Just a month ago, days before Debra’s 50th birthday, she learned she has a recurrence of her cancer. She had been nearly 5 years without cancer - a gift - but not long enough. She had surgery to remove some of the new tumors, and began chemotherapy the following week. She is currently undergoing treatment at Johns Hopkins with the goal of getting her cancer back into remission.

You may know my sister Debra’s story, but I share it again below as she is the inspiration for my fundraising and energy on this issue.

Debra is an active 50-year-old. She is a veterinarian at Village Vet of Urbana and a busy single mother to her daughter, Anna, age 16. However, at age 45, she had to put her life on hold in October 2013 when she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. After a difficult year of chemotherapy, Debra entered remission. As noted above, she was nearly at her 5-year anniversary of this achievement when she was diagnosed with a recurrence.

I am reaching out to you hoping that I can count on your support. Ashton Manor has stepped up our own commitment to the NOCC and walk this year, as we are the main local corporate sponsor (TEAL PRESENTER) for this year’s walk in June.

Team AME was the top fund raiser last year and reached our goal of just over $15K. I have set a very aggressive, but completely attainable goal of $20K for 2018! If you are able to join us on June 16th, 2018, please join the team and walk with us on this special day.

If you are not able to join us, any amount of financial support you can give helps. No donation is too small when giving to this important cause.

I can’t take away Debra’s cancer or end the hurt for her and Anna. I CAN raise money and support this cause so that someday, no woman has to suffer with this disease.Thanks for helping me and the NOCC.

Thank you being a part of breaking the silence and helping those affected by Ovarian Cancer. Together In Teal, we can make a difference!



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I love how you set high goals - way to go!