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Erinn Henes

Erinn Henes

In April of 2006 we lost a very dear family member and friend, my Mother, Nancy (Nugent) Schubert to Ovarian Cancer. This team was started in 2007 not only to honor Nancy but for anyone who has had any experience with Ovarian Cancer directly or indirectly. Now we not only walk/run in honor of Nancy but Janet, Eileen, and Peggy as well. In the last eleven years, between the N.O.C.C. and BTE (Better Than Ever) our family and friends have raised over $100,000.00 for Ovarian Cancer treatment and research.We are hoping to keep this momentum going. This cancer is desperately in need of funding to help find a better form of diagnosis and treatment. Most women diagnosed with ovarian cancer find out way too late for successful treatment. We are looking to create a buzz for the fight against this silent killer for ourselves, our loved ones and most importantly our daughters. Let’s make some noise and Break the Silence!
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