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Grace DeRoose

Grace DeRoose

This July, I will be celebrating 5 years post treatment from this bitter enemy. Although I am doing well, it was surprisingly emotional to register for this walk today since this past year a friend was not so fortunate (so I will be walking with her family). Some days those memories seem more like a dream--and other days, like today, trigger memories from the surgery, chemo, radiation, hairloss, bruising, weakness, sleepless nights, the cardiac workup when my heart started racing, the neuropathy... As much as it would be nice to have you donate to the NOCC for me, I would much rather you do it for yourself, for your daughter, sister, get the picture. (Insert teal heart here!)


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1. Laura Dulle
2. Christina & Matt Lengen
We love you!
3. Claudia Steinbrecher
4. Connie Koebke Barsic
It's impressive how you take your own hardship and use it for the good of others! I love you Grace!
5. Cathy Barry
Congratulations on your 5 year anniversary, Grace! My mother had this silent killer. I’m so glad you beat it ❤️
6. Cheryl Heley
So glad you are able to celebrate five years of health! Here’s to many more.
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