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Kim's Fight

Kimberly Fissette

Kimberly Fissette

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I think this picture speaks for itself!! Winnie the pooh is my favorite!!

I knew something wasn't quite right with my body. After telling my doctor about the strange symptoms I was having, I was diagnosed with stage three Ovarian Cancer in October 2018.  Challenge isn't new to the Fissette Family. My husband Patrick was in the Navy for 23 years before FINALLY retiring as a Chief. During that time, he was deployed 3 times after 9/11. Having two small children and working as a preschool teacher, I often struggled with my dual role of mom and dad. When Patrick finally came home and decided to retire from the Navy, my family was back together and hopeful for the future. Time goes by so quickly with every day things like school, activities and work. Dinner was always spent together though. Cooking, laughing, talking about the day and discussing current events as many nights as possible while juggling those pesky schedules. And in what seemed to be just a blink of an eye, life changed again. My Godson, Tim Jordan, was killed by a distracted driver just five minutes after clocking out at work. Only, hours after his mom wished me Happy Birthday. Yes, Tim died on September 2, 2015. My 42nd birthday. With a heavy heart, I did the only thing I could.... I stood with Tim's family and said goodbye. And life went on for a while. Until my dad fell ill. As I watched my father fade from my life, I still kept going. Supporting my kids in their grief and standing beside my mom. Another year went by and I knew that something was off with my health. After weeks of doctor appointments, tests and hospital visits...... I finally got diagnosed with CANCER. First came surgery in mid-October to remove the cancer and debulk as much as possible, the Thursday before Thanksgiving week, treatment started, each session was about 6-8 hours and were supposed to be every 3 weeks. Sometimes the numbers did not play in my favor, and my white blood counts were too low, so I had to be careful and conscientious about germs, which is not an easy task when you work with preschoolers. Yes, I still kept working through all of my treatments, I needed the distraction and the unconditional love kids give you. I went to part time an only work in the mornings, so I could rest, or at times just enjoy other things in life. As treatments moved on my 5th and 6th treatment brought worry about my platelet counts being low. This caused delays in the timing of treatments, and almost messed up our family trip to Disney for Spring Break, originally to celebrate both of my kids graduating High School. We were scheduled to leave on March 23rd. After a week of blood tests every day, I finally was able to receive my 6th treatment on March 22nd. I also went for a CT Scan that day where the results indicated there was no disease found, I couldn’t believe it. I was able to get my last Chemo treatment, be deemed Cancer Free and still make it to Disney World. I am still going for maintenance treatment now every 3 weeks, in hopes of continuing to stay cancer free. I also recently found out I have the BRCA-1 gene mutation, which is why I got Ovarian Cancer and why I will now have to be more conscious of tests and such to make sure I do not get Breast Cancer which can also come with this diagnosis. I have learned to just keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. That is most important. Thanks for reading and I hope you will support me walking as a Survivor on May 18th.


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