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Mary Quigley

Mary Quigley

Please help me support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's great cause.

2017 was a year I never expected. A quick and easy surgery to remove an ovarian cyst ended up resulting in the diagnosis of ovarian clear cell cancer. It’s a very rare and aggressive type that only affects 5% of all people diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

As you can imagine the news didn’t hit me well. My first thought was that I was dying. I immediately found myself scared and scrambling to figure out how to plan for the worst. Thankfully I have a good doctor and my cancer was caught early. I was one of the lucky ones caught at stage 1. So many other women are not that lucky. 

Surgery and 6 cycles of chemo later, I am in remission. The long term prognosis is good, but there are lasting side effects. I may never again feel my toes, and I'll always have to deal with Lymphedema. A small price to pay when your entire life is ahead of you.

Early detection is key. More education and research are needed. This is why I support the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, and I hope you do too.

Let's work to make ovarian cancer a thing of the past.


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