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Welcome to Jennifer Dlugolecki's Page

Jennifer Dlugolecki

Jennifer Dlugolecki

Thank you for visiting. In 2004 Mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and lost the battle in only 9 months. The symptoms of ovarian cancer are things women could experience every day (think bloating, abdominal pain, trouble eating, and urinary symptoms), so a correct diagnosis is often hard to get. They need to figure out a way to detect this disease a lot sooner and find a cure.

In honor of mom's 15 year anniversary, I created this team for the NOCC's annual run/walk in Chicago along with 2 other close friends who also lost their moms to ovarian cancer. This cause is very dear to me, I'm very active with the organization, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get!

- Krista's Kruu (Jenn)


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