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Yolanda Jacobs

Yolanda Jacobs

Hello Family and Friends,

You can be a part of making an impact on a critical women’s health issue!

I’m joining the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, Together in TEAL®, on May 18, 2019 to raise awareness on ovarian cancer and to support women and their families diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

Proceeds from the Together in TEAL® - Ending Ovarian Cancer Run/Walk are used to raise awareness & promote education about ovarian cancer. The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition is committed to improving the survival rate and quality of life for women with ovarian cancer.

Cancer is second only to heart disease as the leading cause of death in the United States. Over 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer are diagnosed every year. This year alone, the American Cancer Society predicts there will be 14,070 deaths due to ovarian cancer. Clearly, more research is needed to increase early detection and improve survival rates.

I have committed to raise $200 and I cannot do it without the help of people like you. Please consider supporting my efforts on behalf of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. To donate online, please visit my fundraising page

All donations are tax deductible as charitable contributions. Thank you in advance for your support!

Together in Teal® ,

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition - Illinois

Thank You
Yolanda Jacobs



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