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Harty's Angels

Harty's Angels

Thank you for visiting. As most of you already know, I was blindsided by a ovarian cancer diagnosis last July. I did not have any obvious symptoms nor did I have any of the high-risk factors. I tested negative for the brca gene mutation, did all the right things, annual pelvic exam, ultrasound and cat scan with no indication that I had ovarian cancer. It was discovered during a surgical procedure for what they thought was a colon issue. There needs to be more research and resources devoted not only for a cure but to developing better testing for early detection. Because it is so hard to detect, by the time it is discovered, most women are diagnosed as stage 3 or 4. I have been one of the lucky ones who is blessed to be in stage 3 remission. My purpose for participating in this walk to to raise awareness so that others are educated about the risks and symptoms for ovarian cancer. They believe there is a direct link between breast and ovarian cancer so women should have a dialog with their doctor and ask the right questions to take preventive action.

This cause is a way for me to give back and make a difference. I have been so blessed with an amazing ANGEL support network and I would love it if anyone would like to join me for this event. All are welcome to participate with me in the 1 mile walk. I created a team short sleeve t-shirt if anyone is interested in purchasing . The cost is going to be $15 and I need all orders by May 8th. PM me if you are interested. For those attending the event, I will bring your shirt the day of. If you are unable to join us but would like to order one, I will mail it to you. After the walk ends, join us for a post celebration with a fun afternoon at the track. Admission will be free for anyone who registered and is participating in the walk. Who knows, you might pick a lucky horse and win big. There is no required individual fundraising goal but if you would like to make a personal donation or share this link with family and friends, any amount will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart, for your support and continued prayers. Harty's Angels rock!!!!! <3



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