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Team Celia

Team Celia

Dear Family, Friends and Community,

Welcome to the fundraising page for Team Celia for the 22nd Annual Illinois Run/Walk to End Ovarian Cancer. (Skip to the FAQ below if you want to bypass the personal story!)

As many of you closer to me already know, my mom, Celia, was diagnosed with Stage IV ovarian cancer in August 2015, after which she underwent surgery and months of chemotherapy fighting her way back to good health. Despite kicking cancer's sorry behind once already, however, she's unfortunately learned as of January 2019 that her cancer has returned for Round II.

While my mom is a badass lady as usual, and ready to take on the fight again, it continues to be a great blessing to her that she can count on the encouragement and support of family, friends and friends of friends near and far. And if my mom can stare cancer down unflinchingly, it's the least I can do to get off the couch here in Chicago-land and run (with my wife, Allison) to raise money that may help women like her in the future.

To be clear, this is not a fundraiser for my family. Because my dad is a veteran, my mom has access to excellent and (reasonably) affordable care. But not everyone diagnosed with this disease has that luxury; many have to juggle work obligations and navigate insurance coverage with far less support. Fortunately, that's where the NOCC comes in, with resources for patients and spending on research.

14,000 women in the U.S. alone die of ovarian cancer each year, and I'm excited to use this opportunity to show what a united community here in Elgin, Illinois and Chicago, as well as friends and family near and far can do to back "teal warriors" and work toward a cure.

So I hope you'll join in whatever small way you can, whether it's donations to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition's Illinois chapter, joining my wife and I for the run/walk on May 18, 2019, or even just offering my parents (who live in San Diego) some kind words as they engage in battle again. I know that my mom feels the love and prayers and I know that I deeply appreciate everyone rallying for this cause again.

Let's do this!


A quick FAQ:
Why does this fundraiser exist and what is it about?
That's kinda what the personal story above was for, but short version: Let's do something to help the 14,000 women in the U.S. alone who will die of ovarian cancer each year!

Should I be embarrassed if only $5, or $10, or I dunno, $14.23 is in my budget to donate?
No! Every little bit adds up! (And if you're really squeamish about it, you can donate anonymously.)

Why are there so many exclamation points on this page?
It's a fundraiser, goofball! GET EXCITED!

If I don't have money to donate at all, can I contribute in another way?
Yes! If you're in Chicago, join Team Celia as a participant and run the 5K with us on May 18, 2019 (it'll ask you for a personal fundraising goal after you register, but you can set that to zero and just refer people to our team). If you're a business owner, get in touch with us about how we can partner with you for fundraising events by leaving a comment with contact information! And no matter where you are, share this page with anyone and everyone!

What if I care about ovarian cancer because someone I know in Illinois has also been diagnosed and is fighting right now?
Please visit our friends at Ride for Hope-IL and nominate them for assistance!:

Does it matter that I work for a major company that matches donations?
Yes! Ask your corporate overlords about their giving programs to see if they'll pitch in, and check the NOCC's database of matching programs too (!

What if I don't know Tim, or Allison, or Celia -- and just got here through a friend of a friend sharing this page?
That's okay too! 22,000 women in the U.S. are diagnosed with ovarian cancer each year (know the symptoms: and you don't have to know anyone personally to make a difference. (But hey, we love new friends too!)


Happy birthday to my sister, whose tenacity in supporting my mom is itself a reflection of my mom’s determination. There’s a great story to this photo too, but we’ll save that as a reward for our next fundraising milestone of $2,000.


Capital "S" surgery day was a marathon. My mom was wheeled back to the operating room about 7:45 a.m. local time, surgery itself started around 10 a.m., and while there were sporadic updates from my sister and dad in the hospital waiting room, word didn't come that surgery was done until after 7 p.m. While there was more good news in the form of no visible spread of malignancy even locally, the existing tumor was also larger than MRI images had suggested, and (paraphrasing/oversimplifying here once more in part for discretion) that led to a more complex surgery than initially hoped. The star of Team Celia is understandably tired, but is doing as well as circumstances will allow today: Sitting up, drinking clear fluids, able to take short walks. (Also able to be photographed while texting her children, but I'd be in for an earful if I posted that here!) There is likely more chemotherapy in her future, too -- but for now it's some well-earned rest and recovery time. As always, our thanks for the encouragement and support from far and wide; we're hoping she can return home by the end of the week!


Some days, you gotta go throwback for good karma. My mom with my brother and sister, pre-my existence!


Medical Team Celia has scheduled the big/non-diagnostic/for real now surgery to remove my mom’s tumor on Monday, March 18. Thoughts and prayers, friends. We’re moving forward!


So one of the fun things about doing this has been getting to tell stories about my mom, and here’s a good one for your Wednesday: My mom, who was born in Mexico City, speaks perfectly fluent English but occasionally gets tripped up by idioms. For example, “it’s not written in stone” became “it’s not written in gold” for my mom. As she put it, “Well, I’m fancy.” But my favorite of all time was the occasion where I was describing such a moment from Gloria on Modern Family, who called air quotes “air bunnies.” As if on cue, my mom responds: “Oh yes, the hooks!”


Couldn't make it to our City BBQ fundraiser? We're not done! Come check out one of our favorite Elgin haunts, Old Republic, 155 S. Randall, on 4/6/19 as they join Team Celia's fight against ovarian cancer!


A big thanks to City BBQ for welcoming everyone we could gather today, including the Allison side of the clan (even the Allison’s mom who doesn’t like her picture taken)!


Beautiful run along frozen Lake Michigan this morning!

Biopsy results: Nothing cancerous found in the lymph nodes! It’s great news and portends a shift from diagnostic mode to treatment mode next. There are battles yet to come but this is a small victory!


It's way too soon for lengthier navel-gazing on a process that's just beginning (I like to joke that what I lack in experience, I make up for in enthusiasm). But I just need to comment briefly today that as someone who has never done anything like this current fundraising campaign before -- one of the first things I've learned in doing this is how humbling it is to witness humanity's capacity for compassion. The "uncommon grace of community," as one might put it. Allison and I were contacted this week by Illinois' Ride for Hope with offers to help and excitement about our City BBQ event on Sunday. We're quite grateful, and we see an opportunity to lend a hand back: Ride for Hope-IL is also looking for nominations for women in Illinois diagnosed with ovarian cancer and in need of financial assistance. If part of your reason for visiting Team Celia's page is an unfortunately direct impact of ovarian cancer on your life, and you know of anyone in Illinois who could use the help, please visit Ride for Hope's website (we'll put that in our FAQ above) and get them in touch. Ovarian cancer is tough, but we as a community are tougher!


Our thanks to Shirtworks, 127 N. Marion in Oak Park for helping with this beautiful shirt you’ll soon see running around Elgin!


Announcing our first big fundraising event: Go to City BBQ, 365 Lake Cook Road in Deerfield on March 10, show this flyer/barcode and 25% of your purchase goes to Team Celia!


Happy to report no issues with the biopsy procedure. Now just waiting for results!


Pretty excited about last night’s mail and ready to get my hustle on. Kudos to Allison for the clutch QR code suggestion!


Medical Team Celia is moving forward on Thursday, February 28 with a cardiothoracic biopsy procedure to hopefully comfirm there’s nothing odd going on with my mom’s lymph nodes during this recurrence. Should be a simple surgery with no overnight stay but if you can spare a thought for Team Celia on Thursday please do so.


Day 1 of training: 0.7 mile roundtrip walk. It’s a little colder when our February pics aren’t throwbacks!


Today we (re?-)introduce the two goofuses spearheading the Illinois Team Celia effort. My wife and I are “occasionally” silly humans. But we’re serious about raising money for this worthy cause!


A little shoutout for Papa Woerner, whose birthday it is today and who has been on Team Celia for 52 years and counting!


Bit of uncertainty on the immediate plan of attack front for Medical Team Celia back in San Diego today, as some more tests are needed to inform whether additional surgery or more chemotherapy is the recommended course of action at the outset of this next round of treatment. While we'll be withholding more detailed medical information to respect my mom's privacy, however, we did want to share today a classic "Mamacita" question to the doctor about the potential for another procedure: "Can't you just put in a zipper if you're going back to the same place?" The star of Team Celia = consistently good humored!


Mamacita Woerner stylin’ as always before a doctor’s appointment!

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