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Loretta Reed

Loretta Reed

10 Years! WooHoo!!!

I'm thrilled to be celebrating 10 years cancer free - it's such a blessing. I was fortunate to have symptoms and be diagnosed early since any type of cancer was not on my radar and I was always diligent about my annual checkups.

Since my diagnosis, strides have been made in awareness both with women and health providers. More research has been in treatments and the survival rate is inching up.

NOCC is a leader in education, survivor support, and research funding. Kate and I and possibly Stephanie will be walking on May 18th to help raise funds for NOCC. To celebrate my 10 years, please consider making a donation, perhaps $1.00 for each year I've been cancer free.

This cause is very dear to me, and I'll appreciate all the support I can get! Together we can make a difference! Love - Loretta


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Recent Donations

1. Mary Jo Jo List
Loretta, Congratulations on the 10 year mark. Sorry this is late. Hope the walk was fun! Jo Jo
2. Diane Niemiec
Congratulations on 10 year cancer free. We love you!! Diane and Bob
3. Kathleen Marrin
4. Jean Kreuzer
5. Arlene M. Kaspik
6. Mark Reed
Congratulations on your ten years!

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