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Naseem Ghouse

Naseem Ghouse

Thank you for visiting. Please consider making a small donation to the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition to support research in the area of ovarian cancer. The more medical science learns the easier it will be to fight against insidious disease. Thanks so much for your support!

Naseem :)




Recent Donations

1. JPJanet Park
Naseem, you have touched so many hearts and you have inspired me through the years. Stay strong, friend!
2. KTKelly Talaga
Naseem, You are the most loving person. You will beat this disease.
3. ArAsra Farooq Rahman
May Allah SWT give you full shifa my beautiful friend. You are an inspiration to many, including me. Love you!
4. HLHaley Lottig
Thinking of you!!!
5. RLRobin Lipkowitz
For all women. Especially you my friend. Stay strong.
6. JTJoohi Tahir
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Team Naseem