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Tim Woerner's NOCC Together in Teal Walk Page

Timothy Woerner

Team Celia

Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to the fundraising page for Timothy Woerner, as a part of Team Celia ( in the 2020 NOCC Run/Walk. Before I even start into this year's campaign, I'd be remiss if I didn't again thank anyone and everyone who contributed to last year's effort, which raised nearly $4,500 in honor of my mom's ongoing battle.

But to update (and/or introduce, for anyone new to Team Celia), my mom (Celia) was initially diagnosed in 2015, fought through surgery and chemotherapy once, and then this campaign was born out of a desire to rally around her as she faced a recurrence in 2019. I'm happy to be able to report that since her diagnosed recurrence, she has completed another round of chemotherapy, and in January of this year had a successful surgery to reverse the ileostomy she had during a prior procedure to remove a tumor. My wife and I were also blessed in October 2019 to welcome our first child, and as you can imagine, we were incredibly grateful to the universe that my mom was able to meet her grandson.

In short, we're very fortunate that the star of Team Celia is doing well, and it's for both her and the thousands of other women who learn they have ovarian cancer each year that we want to pitch in again in 2020 (even if with more modest goals). So if you're seeing this page, please give what you can, and let's move closer to the day when we can say that we have finally defeated ovarian cancer for good!

As always, I appreciate everyone's love and support and hope you'll help me this year to keep advancing the cause of the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition, its efforts to support research for a cure, and its provision of resources for diagnosed women and their caregivers.

I hope you'll give generously here, or consider joining us in person or virtually on Team Celia on September 26, 2020 (the COVID-19 resechedule date for the Together in Teal Walk previously set for May 16, 2020 and/or October 24, 2020).



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Team Celia