Why am I passionate about raising funds for ovarian cancer awareness? My mom, Mary Linda Biggart, fought hard during her four year battle with ovarian cancer. Ultimately her battle ended on 10.4.2008 and our lives were changed forever. She was diagnosed stage 4 and had to go through intense chemo treatments prior to being able to have surgery due to the size of her tumor. The words at the beginning of her journey that hurt the most early on from her doctor "She will never be cured, but chemo treatments will extend her life until the quality of life is no longer there for her." Witnessing Mom go through treatment for two years knowing once she stopped her life would end was painful. I learned a lot during that time about her strength, happiness, peace, and love for life. One way I found stregth to support her was to research and learn about ovarian cancer. During her journey I found the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition - Iowa Chapter and began to participate in the annual walk/run they hold annually as often as I could. If we raise funds for ovarian cancer awareness and research, we can help prevent others from losing their loved ones. Join me in the fight!