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Margaritte De Falco

Margaritte De Falco

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My Mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 High Grade Serous Ovarian Cancer in March 2017. She has had two major surgeries and many cycles of chemotherapy. She was in remission for a few months and now has a reoccurrence and is enduring more chemo. It has been a rough road but we keep our faith strong and in the words of Saint Padre Pio, We Pray, Hope & Don't Worry. (That is the statue in the picture with Armida, at Maria Regina Church; where she released teal balloons with the words Pray, Hope and Don't Worry)

We also want to take the opportunity raise awareness for this disease and help to contribute to research and a cure through this wonderful organization. Most women who unfortunately receive this diagnosis are stage 4 because of the vague symptoms and often being dismissed by physicians. There are no routine early detection tests and no standard preventions. Please consider donating or even walking with our team for Lady Armida and all those affected by this disease! Thank you and love to all.


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