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Feel The Teal (in Memory Of Nancy Jeran)

Feel the Teal (in memory of Nancy Jeran)

Thank you for visiting my page - - but this is not about me. If you are reading this, chances are, you either knew Nancy, my Dad, my brother Chris or me. Know that any donation made to our Team, 'Feel the Teal', will be made in memory of my mom, Nancy, who passed in December 2017 following an 8 1/2 year battle with Ovarian Cancer and that your donation will be heartfelt and greatly appreciated. Nancy was a special woman - - - anyone fortunate enough to have known her knows what I mean - - - but if you did not know her personally, well, if you can envision a beautiful and classy woman who, not withstanding her never-ending fight against this disease until the very end, ALWAYS put others before herself, always was supportive of their problems, offering encouragement to them (with a smile) while never uttering a word of complaint about herself and her situation - - well, then you will have the basics to understand what an incredible wife, mother, nanny and friend she truly was. Selfishly, our family wanted her to live forever but we knew that the insidious nature of Ovarian Cancer at this time takes no prisoners; still, she fought the good fight for over 8 years, surviving considerably longer than most. All of us who were lucky enough to be a part of her life here on earth will miss her - - and just maybe we'll be lucky enough to get to where she undoubtedly is right now and see her again. After all, according to my daughter, who had not yet turned 3 when her 'nanny went away' - - she said to me not 2 days after her passing and in response to seeing me crying in our kitchen: "Don't worry mommy, Nanny is happy; she's on the beach now, walking with Abbydoodles" (my mom and dad had a Golden Retriever named Abby who died 3 years earlier---my daughter never would have known that nickname). Or that my mom had told my dad in her final days that if she could see anyone in the hereafter, she really wanted to see Abby and walk together on the beach. My dad never told me this until AFTER I told HIM what my daughter had said. That said, thanks again for visiting - - and thank you in advance for giving what you can to the NOCC, it's a great organization. Best - Ashley

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