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Aunt Nancy's Feel the Teal

Rachel Leininger

Rachel Leininger

Thank you for your time and consideration of the NOCC. This event is very dear to me, and I appreciate all the support for the cause. This will be my second time participating in Long Island Chapter's Run/Walk and third time volunteering at this awesome event. Know that any donation made to our Team, 'Feel the Teal', will be made in memory of my aunt, Nancy, who passed in December 2017 following an 8 1/2 year battle with Ovarian Cancer. She was a prominent member of the NOCC Long Island chapter and an inspiration to many.

Your donation to this page will support in the event and contribute to the Feel the Teal team. Any gracious contribution to this event will be heartfelt and greatly appreciated.

You can sign up to participate in the 12th Annual Run/Walk at Belmont Lake State Park by registering at . The cost is $35 and you receive a t-shirt the day of the event. Run starts at 10:30am and the walk starts at 11am.
Search the team: Feel the Teal (In memory of Nancy Jeran) to join us!

Hope to see you on September 22 in Babylon, New York, or join my dad and family in Dallas, TX on September 29!
(Register/donate to the DFW run/walk at )

- Rachel



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