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My Long Island Fundraising Page

Joan Doyle

Joan Doyle

I am passionate about making women aware of the silent symptoms of ovarian cancer and that it mocks many other ailments we could have. I am passionate about finding a diagnostic test - there is none - and a cure! I am passionate about supporting those women that are warriors fighting this insidious disease.

In memory of Anita's Team Gold leader, my sister Anita Stein, I am again walking this Saturday with my family and many others that knew her in her varied walks of life. We are a dedicated team of 26 this year!

Please take a moment to support this extremely important cause and donate to my individual page. No matter what the amount, it is needed and very much appreciated.

My sister will be smiling on Saturday as we carry on her legacy. And I will be smiling because you are not only supporting my efforts but donating to a worthwhile cause.



raised of $1,000 goal


Recent Donations

1. Debra Stein
the least I could do was get you to an even $1500.......
2. Jane Biberman
3. Robert Ungerleider
4. James E Briggs
5. Bonnie And Lew
Hope you reach your goal!
6. Sandy Brown
Hope the walk was a good one. Happy to support you Joan and the ovarian cancer cause. RIP Anita.
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Team Anita's Team Gold