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Phyllis' Paddlers

Phyllis' Paddlers

Phyllis was a remarkable wife, mother and dear friend who was loved by so many. It means so much to us to carry on her legacy by supporting the NOCC, Long Island Chapter and their educational initiatives.

Women need to be aware of the subtle signs and symptoms of this devastating disease because unfortunately there is still no early detection test. The greatest impact we can have is by providing education to the community and investing in critical research.

We appreciate all the support we can get! Together we can make a difference! - Phyllis' Paddlers



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1. RIRobert Imparato
Sorry this is so late- hope your fundraising was successful. Phyllis would be very proud of your efforts!!! Love, Rob, Rita, Madi and Ainsley
2. PSPaul R Schulman
3. CTCatherine Tempesta
4. DTDennis Tejada
5. KKKara Kubarych
Proud of you James!
6. BRBruce Rauch