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Angela Lett

Angela Lett

I’m currently making a career change and training to be an EMT. My academy class is running the Together In Teal 5K to support research and treatment for ovarian cancer. Please consider making a donation to support me, my class, and—most importantly—to support efforts related to ovarian cancer. Each dollar you donate will keep me going through our grueling PT workouts over the next six months and help get me to the finish line, in addition to ultimately supporting those living with ovarian cancer and working toward a cure.

Together, we can make a difference!


What a way to close out July and start August. You all have exceeded my SECOND goal already! A whopping $650 in three short days. We have a long time before this race and things in class are picking up after this week, so I’ll ease up on the active fundraising between now and then. But I’ll share progress updates and see if we can’t break $1000 before the day of the race. Thank you all again for your generosity and support!


Wow! You all were so on top of it and supportive that you helped me reach my goal of $250 in less than 24 hours. That’s amazing! I came home from a full day of PT drills and CPR scenarios to see your donations had already exceeded the goal. You really know how to make someone feel special! So . . . I’m upping the goal to $500. (That’s what happens when you were a professional fundraiser for 16 years!) Thank you to my family and friends who donated early. And a special thank you to the donors I don’t personally know who made donations. That was a wonderful surprise! Please feel free to share posts with friends and family you think may be interested in donating. And thank you again for your caring generosity.


raised of $500 goal


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I am so proud to know you and see the amazing things you accomplish!
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You go Sis!
6. Stuart Kaufman
In memory of my mom Edith, who died from ovarian cancer 25 years ago.
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