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Chochi's Champions

Chochi’s Champions

Chochi’s Champions

Over the past several years, ovarian cancer has devastated my family. My mother’s sister Maria Oleksiak Barylak (Chochi) was diagnosed in January of 2013, and lost her battle on April 7, 2016. My father’s sister Alice “Lesia” Juzyn was diagnosed in February 2017, and lost her battle just 5 months later on July 30, 2017.

My family began participating in this run in 2016 as a way to honor my aunt Chochi and to work towards healing after her loss. We continue to participate each year to honor her, and now to honor Lesia. We do our small part each year to raise money for the NOCC and ovarian cancer warriors in memory of my aunts in an effort to do something positive with our pain.

Please consider supporting our team as we join the NOCC in the fight for a cure. Any and all support means a tremendous amount to my family and families like mine.

Together, we can make a real difference.



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We miss Chochi and Lesia. Hope this helps the cause.
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