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Jacqueline Haley

Jacqueline Haley

Thank you for visiting. I am walking this year after having undergone another surgery in March and another course of chemo from January to May. Currently I am struggling with low neutrophil counts which are keeping me from taking an important oral chemo drug called a PARP inhibitor to increase my remission time. I am sad to report that I had to leave my job to focus on getting through this. However, I am grateful to be feeling well and to have a wonderful supportive family and friends. I dearly miss my dear friend Alice Golden who succumbed to this disease last Thanksgiving. This cause could not be more important to me. I really appreciate any support you can give. Together we can make a difference in helping women try to survive this disease. Peace and love, Jacqueline


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Stay strong and keep fighting! Christa (our cousin) has been keeping us updated on your journey. Best of luck. P.S. Miss you as a teacher, you were the best.
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