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Erin McDonough

Erin McDonough

Hi everyone lets make this year the biggest yet, share as much as you can, sharing is caring. I am not sure if your registration fee makes a donation so if you could make a donation as well that would be greatly appreciated do not feel obligated, if you cannot walk/run if you could just make a donation that would be greatly appreciated as well. Every year we get such a great turn out, it always made Katie smile to see so many come out to support her. This year unfortunately it will not be the same with out her. But I am making it my job to get as many as physically possible to come out for her, to honor her and to remember her as the Strongest person I know. I want NOCC to know what Katie Strong meant to all of us. I want to raise as much as we can, more than the past, so that other families do not go through the pain and suffering that we did. I want team Katie Strong to come out on top and to make a difference and make a name in honor of her. WE LOVE YOU KATIE STRONG



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