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For my mother...



Hi Everyone,

Obviously this cause is very important to me & my family. My mother, Ann Marie Tringale Mottola, fought this disease for 5 long years and now it's our job to try and prevent others from going through the same misery.

As some of you might know, I recently had to get an ovary removed based on family history & Dr. recommendation so this disease is always on our minds.

I know there are so many great causes out there so appreciate all the support I can get for the NOCC!

Thank you!


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1. dbDanielle Bradley
Sorry I couldn't make it this year! Congratulations on another year, and so happy to hear your mom was there with you :-)
2. MLMario Lepore
From your family in AZ..
3. JTJeff Twyon
4. CPChris Parisi
5. SSSarah Simmons
6. RHRhonda Hodge
Love you guys. Miss your mom. xoxo See you tomorrow
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