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Elle Scott

Elle Scott

I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer on September 9, 2016 after multiple misdiagnosis for at least 2 years. I was very relieved to move to Boston and end up with the best care possible.

Ive endures surgery and round of chemo, I’ve been able to remain at N.E.D. status for almost two years.

The fight is never over for anyone until everyone has a cure!

Currently, only 20% of women are diagnosed in the early stages of ovarian cancer. Im one of that 20% but many are not!

Early detection and effective treatments and cure is the goal.

It’s time to break the silence. Help me and my team raise money to support NOCC in their mission to spread awareness about the cause, detection and treatment of this devastating disease.

As always, your support means the world.

See you in Boston on September 9!

All the best,
Elle Simone Scott


raised of $1,000 goal


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1. MLMari R Levine
A worthy cause. Go Elle (and team)!
2. RMReta Martin
3. LSLauren Shanley
You are a true gem and inspiration. I lost both my grandmother and great grandmother to ovarian cancer. I am so glad that you caught it early, survived, and continue to thrive and inspire.
4. SNSusan Norwood
Go girl! You are such an inspiration, through the ups and downs!
5. KSKate Shannon
go, Elle! sending love to you and your team!
6. TMTikesha Morgan
Support is a must!

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