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The Portly Grapes

The Portly Grapes

Thank you for visiting. This is The Portly Grapes' 10th year walking. This cause is very dear to our team, and we appreciate all the support we can get! We hope this is our best year yet! The Portly Grapes is made up of an amazing group of people including a couple families with several generations of walkers/runners. Together we can make a difference! - The Portly Grapes


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1. MCMatt Carney
2. KMKaren McGovern
Christine-so great that you and your team are doing this!
3. ALAmy Longwell
4. ANAndrew Nowick
Ten years of important work! xoAndrew
5. SPSteve & Stacey Paiva
6. DODanny O'Connell
Dear Christine, happy to donate to a wonderful cause and for a wonderful woman. Danny