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My Massachusetts Fundraising Page

Andrea Wenz

Andrea Wenz

Hi Everyone! Alex and I may have moved to Michigan, but our hearts are still in Massachusetts and it's that time of year again--it's the Massachusetts National Ovarian Cancer Coalition event! Like so many other things this year, the NOCC event is a little different--it's going virtual! Participants are being encouraged to do something active on September 26th to mark the day and then at 7pm that night there will be a nationwide broadcast of a program shedding light on Ovarian Cancer! Alex and I will be lacing up our shoes and walking 5K together in memory of my wonderful mom, Darlene Ann Wenz! If you have the means and feel so inclined, it would be great if you could contribute or spread the word about Ovarian Cancer and its symptoms. I've set a modest goal of $500 dollars this year because I know it has been a trying year for everyone, but it would be amazing if we could hit (or even exceed that!) Thank you so much, as always, for your support. All my love, Andrea


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Look forward to when we can walk together!
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Thank you for putting your love into action. Thinking of you and all those walking and remembering. Love, Sandra and Cil
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Andrea — Love you. Mark & Missy
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