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In Memory of Diane Rochelle

Gina Calabro

Gina Calabro

Thank you for visiting. Only some of you know that my mother, who passed away suddenly last August, had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer only the day before her death. Mom was only sixty years young, an energetic, kind, loving woman who was rarely ever sick. She hadn't been feeling well for a few months before her death and was told repeatedly that she had a virus, then bronchitis, then pneumonia. In reality, she had ovarian cancer that had spread to her lungs and other parts of her body. By the time we found out the real cause of her symptoms - and her pain - it was too late. She died the very next day of complications from having had undiagnosed cancer for so long.

The story of my mother's death is a tragic one. Ovarian cancer is called a silent killer for a reason. Its symptoms are so ordinary, so non-specific, that it is often hard for women or even their doctors to put the puzzle pieces together before the cancer is advanced. There are literally no good diagnostic tools for this awful, aggressive disease. It's heartbreaking.

My mother's life was in such stark contrast to her death. She was always up for helping others, always compassionate and forever aware that life - while hard - was a gift to be appreciated and enjoyed whenever possible. My mother was my best friend, an amazing mother, grandmother, wife and friend, and the kind of person we should all aspire to be. She always wanted me to "breathe" and keep going, regardless of what life threw in my direction. This is why I, along with some of my closest friends, will be running/walking on September honor mom and to raise funds for research and support for those affected by ovarian cancer. Please join me in honoring and remembering her - please donate or join us for the race. Thank you for reading mom's story.


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May her memory be a blessing.

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