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Welcome to my Teal Fundraising Page!



I was first diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in November of 2006. It was a challenging time but I feel stronger having gone through it.
I am currently undergoing continuous treatment for this disease as it is now a chronic condition. I am grateful to Dana Farber and the many medical advances that are available to me to keep living a happy and productive life. Your donation is appreciated !


raised of $200 goal


Recent Donations

1. Taryn McCarthy
Teal Strong!
2. Laura Mazzulli
You are my hero Missy T!
3. Erin Lowney
You rock Taryn!!!! Miss you and can’t wait to get back the kickboxing with you🥊
4. LG Gardner
Forever sisters in Teal
5. Jean Driscoll
Good luck, Taryn!
6. Gretchen Jackman