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Jacqueline Haley

Jacqueline Haley

I am late to the game this year for sure. Lots of distractions for us all these past few months, but the good people at the NOCC are still working tirelessly for those who have ovarian cancer. This organization not only does a great job promoting awareness of the need for research and development funds for treatments, but produces programs for patients and survivors to help them maintain mental and physical fitness and quality of life during treatment and beyond. They are a friend to all who must deal with this disease. Whatever you may find it in your hearts and budgets to contribute will be deeply appreciated and put to very good use.
Peace and please vote in November like your lives depend upon it.


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1. Helen Will
2. Joan Obecny
My sister is a remarkable woman! Standing strong every day. Love you so much J.
3. Nancy Looney
Thinking of you Jackie! Thank you for doing this fundraising. Hope we can catch up soon!
4. Karen Jensen
Love you!!
5. Emily Dudack
6. Mary Beth Lisman