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Lauren Savoie

Lauren Savoie

Do you know my friend and colleague Elle? If not, you should. She's a cast member of America's Test Kitchen, a talented food stylist, founder of SheChef--a nonprofit that provides mentoring to aspiring women chefs of color, contributer to The Splendid Table, and also an ovarian cancer survivor.

Over the past two years, I've watched Elle bravely endure her diagnosis and treatment, all while continuing to work hard at both her job and her nonprofit. I'm so proud to be able to walk in her honor this September, and raise money to support others who are impacted by ovarian cancer.

Thank you so much for donating. It warms my hear to have so many generous and loving people in my life who support this cause that is very dear to me.

All my love,


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Have a great walk. Proud of you!
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Go Lauren! Michelle & Hank
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Go Lauren go! And go Elle!
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