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The Bash Team No Boundaries

Suzanne Bash

Suzanne Bash

As we begin the Together in TEAL - No Boundaries movement for 2020, I want to remind all of my family and friends that Ovarian Cancer is a beast. There is no way to detect it, there is no cure and sadly many women lose their battle after several reoccurrences.

Help me to bring awareness, support survivors, donate to research and thrive in local communities with a grassroots movement to make others aware.

I lost two wonderful friends that were sisters, One to Breast Cancer, and the other to Ovarian Cancer. Krisy Smith was truly one other sweetest , most giving people I knew and she fought like hell but the cancer was just to powerful for her little body.

I will run for Krisy and all of the others who have lost their battle but are not forgotten.
Please help us make a change and bring awareness and support to those \who need it most.


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