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*My NYC NOCC Fundraising Page - Joggin’ for Gerri*

Caroline Holland

Caroline Holland

Please help me support National Ovarian Cancer Coalition by making a contribution to my fundraiser and sharing this page with your family and friends. Every dollar I raise will advance NOCC's great cause! Additionally, you can ask me how you can get involved too. Together, we can make a difference!

We are clearly living in unprecedented times. It's tough out there for many & it's a taking a toll on people's health whether they're bearing the burdens of ovarian cancer or covid-19 or anything & everything else. Ovarian cancer itself is a devastating disease. My Mom was initially diagnosed with it in 1998 & had her first recurrence in 2000 (after being in remission); & the final recurrence in 2004, which was her toughest year - yet, she fought like the bravest soldier on the battlefield. I tried to do everything in my power to save her; endless research, anything that could help in any possible way (be it healthy foods, helping with her hygiene, crying with her, consoling, holding her, trying to stay positive,.. you name it, we did it). If I could've taken her place I would have, in a heartbeat.

While ovarian cancer took my beloved Mother's [physical] life 15 years ago, at 54 years young, it will never take her memory, spirit, legacy or grace that she left behind for all of us. She lives through us all! Just like this year's NOCC nationwide event & campaign of 'Together in Teal - No Boundaries,' Gerri's love also knew no bounds. She touched many lives & always had an open heart & ear for anyone that needed at any given time. She was an amazing mother, wife, sister, friend, soulmate, tea (or cosmo) companion, dance partner in the kitchen,... the list could go on forever!

Even though this terrible disease takes too many brave women's lives way too soon, like my Mother's, we can continue to fight for those that are still battling or will in the future. Let's change that future for them & all of us! Currently, 22,000 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year; & 14,000 die each year. This is still unacceptable. But with your help we can continue to raise the much-needed funds to help fight this monster in various ways. Specifically, this vital fundraising provides support to programs & initiatives in NOCC's four pillars: earlier awareness, quality of life, research & community outreach. I am so happy & proud to be even a small part of the Together in Teal community - a community that knows the value of & actively works toward funding research for early detection, improving quality of life for survivors & saving more lives!

So please know that any & all donations help our mission in every way. Like I always say, every dollar counts! Even during these turbulent times, we can still make a difference for those in need. Our collective spirit holds us up & together!! THANK YOU to you generous souls who have donated already! All my love, gratitude & blessings to you & your loved ones xo. And if you haven't donated yet, what are you waiting for?! ;) Oh & feel free to share this page - many thanks!!

I am Together in Teal in memory of my terribly missed Mother, Geraldine Holland.

Joggin' for Gerri for life!


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