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We are Team OvaDrive!

We will walk on May 19 to raise awareness and money for the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition. We walk to honor those that have lost their lives to this insidious disease and for all the strong women that continue to do battle with this formidable opponent.

Please join us or donate to our team or individual pages so we can reach our current goal of $5500. We know we can get there with your help and thank you for your support!


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1. DWDenis, Asher, And Antonina Webb
For a courageous, talented, and most fabulous cousin. We love you sooo much and will see you in a month!
2. AJAndrea Jeffrey
3. EEEd Ellis
4. PRPalma Rispoli
5. JSJulie Safdie
Hoping this makes a difference and helps to find a cure!
6. VCVirginia M Calandra